Best Dry Cat Food For Picky Eaters – Top 10 Picks for Your Tonkinese

Tonkinese cats are not really picky, but some of them may develop a finicky habit. In this case, you need to find the best dry cat food for picky eaters. This will ensure that your active Tonk will receive ample nutrition to keep up with its physical needs. Below, I reviewed 10 of the best picks that you can consider for your lovely feline.

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The Tonkinese Cat Diet

Tonkinese cats are low maintenance kitties, which is a big perk despite their rarity. Still, they are active, energetic, and always on the move, so you have to pay close attention to their diet.

Like all felines, Tonkinese cats need animal meat as the main ingredient of its food. You can ask the veterinarian about the best diet for your Tonk. Most of the time, vets will recommend a complete and balanced diet as defined by the AAFCO standard.

Most Tonkinese cats don’t have a sensitive stomach. Still, you should try to limit grains and too many plants on the ingredient list. For picky Tonks, you should opt for smelly and delicious kibble to entice them to eat more. Below, I reviewed 10 of the best options in the market that you can get for your kitty.

Aside from that, it’s important to watch over a Tonkinese cat’s meal portion. This kitty tends to have a big appetite that’s why free-feeding will expose them to the risk of obesity.

It’s best to spread a Tonkinese meal throughout the day to combat hunger. You can also integrate some treats to bridge your Tonk’s hunger in between meals.

If your Tonkinese has diabetes, kidney failure, and other metabolic problems, it’s best to consult the veterinarian for the best diet. These health problems require a special diet to curb symptoms and progression.

Best Dry Cat Food For Picky Eaters – Top 10 Picks for Your Tonkinese


OUR TOP PICK: Purina Pro Plan LiveClear Dry Cat Food
best dry cat food for picky eaters

Product Name: Purina Pro Plan LiveClear Dry Cat Food

Product Description: If you’re looking for the best dry cat for picky eaters, the Purina Pro Plan LiveClear might be the right fit for your Tonkinese. This food is rich in probiotics to aid your Tonkinese’s digestion. This is also made to boost your cat’s immune system. Aside from that, this LiveClear cat food has a tasty flavor. It’s made of turkey and oatmeal for an irresistible meal for your kitty. Aside from that, this is paired with a chicken meal for added flavor. Each serving of the Purina Pro Plan LiveClear contains 40% protein, 18% fat, and 2.5% fiber. Your kitty will also receive a dose of linoleic acid, zinc, taurine, and Omega fatty acids. This is aside from the Vitamins A and E that will boost your Tonk’s coat.

Offer price: $$$

Availability: InStock

  • Ingredients
  • Flavor
  • Odor
  • Nutrition
  • Value for Money


Another thing that I really like about this cat food is that it helps reduce the production of Fel D1. This is an allergen that triggers attacks on humans with sensitivities.

Aside from its excellent benefits on the Tonk’s coat, this cat food is also irresistibly stinky and tasty.

Overall, my Tonkinese loves this food. It costs a little more than other options, but I don’t mind splurging for this level of quality.


Made with real turkey

Helps reduce allergen production

Boosts cat’s immune system


Takes a long period to show results in terms of reducing allergens.


Muse by Purina Natural Grain-Free Dry Cat Food

best dry cat food for picky eaters

Another cat food I swear by for Tonkinese cats is the Muse Natural Grain-Free Dry Cat Food. This is made with real salmon so even the pickiest kitty won’t resist it. Aside from that, this cat food also contains egg and low-lactose yogurt to aid with digestion.

Moreover, this formula is grain-free and gluten-free so it’s very easy to digest. It doesn’t have soy, corn, or wheat that could mess with your Tonk’s tummy. This is free of any artificial ingredients so it’s guaranteed to deliver topnotch nourishment in every bite.

Aside from that, the Muse Dry Cat Food doesn’t have by-products or fillers. Your Tonkinese will surely find each piece palatable.

Each serving of this cat food contains 32% protein, 14% fat, 3% fiber, and 12% moisture. It’s also packed with vitamins and minerals like lysine, potassium, phosphorus, taurine, copper, and manganese. Your Tonkinese will also get a dose of Vitamin A, B-12, D, and E.

Lastly, this cat food doesn’t use artificial flavoring, coloring, or preservatives. Your picky Tonkinese will surely love this smelly and tasty food.

Aside from dry cat food, you can also get the Muse in chowder, broth, pate, and gravy versions.

  • No fillers or by-products
  • Made with real salmon
  • No artificial ingredients
  • So far, so good

James Wellbeloved Dry Senior Cat Food

best dry cat food for picky eaters

For senior Tonkinese cats, you should consider the James Wellbeloved Dry Food. Turkey is the main ingredient of this cat food so it’s guaranteed to entice a picky Tonkinese’s appetite. Aside from that, it has cranberry extract and yucca extract that help reduce litter box odor.

Moreover, this cat food contains brown rice, turkey fat, fish oil, turkey gravy, carrots, and other healthy ingredients. It’s delicious and nourishing at the same time.

Every serving of this cat food contains 31% protein, 19.5% fat, 7% ash, and 1.5% fiber. It’s also infused with Omega fatty acids to keep your Tonk’s coat shiny.

Since this is a senior formula, it contains glucosamine and chondroitin to boost the kitty’s joint health. It also has added antioxidants to expel toxins in your cat’s body.

Aside from that, this cat food helps in reducing your senior kitty’s excess weight. It’s palatable and filling so your cat will not know that they are actually on a diet.

Take note that this cat food had a change in packaging but it’s the same formula. This is the same cat food as the James Wellbeloved Senior Dry Food with a black-colored design.

  • Made of real turkey
  • Especially formulated for senior cats
  • Contains botanical extracts to reduce poop smell
  • It has gluten, which could be a problem for some Tonkinese cats

Purina Beyond Dry Cat Food

best dry cat food for picky eaters

The Purina Beyond Dry Cat Food is made of Icelandic Arctic Char that has a very appetizing flavor. This is paired with a chicken meal for added nourishment and taste.

Moreover, this cat food is made of real fish so your picky Tonkinese will surely find it delicious. It’s also grain-free, which is a topnotch option for Tonks with sensitive tummies. This one doesn’t have wheat, corn, or soy so it’s unlikely to irritate your cat’s stomach.

In addition, this cat food is packed with probiotics to aid in the digestion of your Tonkinese. Every serving of this dry cat food has 38% protein, 15% fat, and 4.5% fiber. It’s also a good source of linoleic acid, phosphorus, calcium, selenium, and zinc. And for wholesome nutrition, the Purina Beyond contains Omega fatty acids and Vitamins A & E.

The best thing about this cat food is its natural ingredients. It’s made to meet the needs of your Tonkinese without any frills.

Overall, my Tonkinese’s poop is less smelly and she tends to shed less. The only thing I noticed is that the kibble size of this food is slightly larger than what you’ll typically see in the market. Other than that, I still consider this a stellar choice.

  • Natural ingredients
  • Rich in probiotics
  • Very delicious flavor
  • The kibble bits are a bit large but my Tonkinese doesn’t mind

ORIJEN Six Fish Dry Cat Food

best dry cat food for picky eaters

If your Tonkinese is crazy about fish, you should consider the ORIJEN Six Fish Dry Cat Food. This is made of six different fishes: mackerel, flounder, herring, silver hake, monkfish, and redfish. It’s guaranteed to tickle the taste buds of the pickiest Tonkinese.

Moreover, this is made of 90% animal ingredients, which adheres to cats’ diet in the wild. It’s biologically appropriate and the ingredients are never outsourced. This guarantees that the cat food is produced fresh.

The ORIJEN Six Fish also contains animal bones, organs, meat, and cartilage to make it more palatable and nutritious. I also like that this food doesn’t have grains, so it’s an excellent option for Tonkinese with tummy problems.

Every serving of the ORIJEN Six Fish contains 40% protein, 20% fat, and 5% fiber. This is perfect for Tonks with an active lifestyle. The protein content helps build their muscles and maintain a healthy weight.

This food also suits senior Tonkinese cats. It reduces the foul smell of my cat’s poop, which is a big deal for me since I live in an apartment. Overall, this is a high-quality cat food that you should definitely try for your picky Tonkinese.

  • 90% animal ingredients
  • Made of six fishes
  • Contains animal cartilage, organs, bones, and meat
  • Not for Tonkinese with kidney problems because of the high protein content

Halo Natural Dry Cat Food

best dry cat food for picky eaters

Is your Tonkinese more of a chicken-loving cat? If so, you shouldn’t miss the Halo Natural Dry Cat Food. This is made of a real whole chicken to provide the best nutrition for your Tonkinese.

Aside from chicken, this Halo Cat Food contains chicken liver, peas, oats, salmon oil, cranberries, and more nutritious ingredients. It also has added non-GMO vegetables with zero artificial preservatives, coloring, and flavors.

However, you should remember that this has soy. If your Tonk has an allergy to this ingredient, you should consider the nine other products I reviewed here.

Moreover, each serving of the Halo Cat food has 32% protein, 13% fat, and 5% fiber. Every cup also contains 397 calories, suitable for the ever-active Tonkinese.

Overall, this cat food has excellent digestibility. It also made one of my Tonkinese cats’ poop less smelly. This is the good stuff that even picky Tonks will devour. I also like that it smells like home-cooked human food.

The only thing I noticed is that some bags tend to be crumbly, but my cat likes it just the same. For its price, I can say that this is a steal considering the quality of its ingredients.

  • Made of a whole chicken, not chicken meal
  • Reduces cats’ poop smell
  • Non-GMO ingredients
  • A little crumbly lately, but not a biggie

Hill’s Science Light Dry Cat Food

If your Tonkinese cat is on a diet, Hill’s Science Light Dry Cat Food might be the best pick. This has fewer calories without sacrificing other nutrients. Your Tonk will still get ample nourishment without packing too many calories.

Aside from that, this cat food helps control hunger between meals, thanks to its 9.5% fiber content. This food also has 28.5% protein, 7% fat, and 10% moisture. It’s also loaded with vitamin C & E, taurine, and L-carnitine. All of these nourish your Tonkinese while helping with weight loss.

Moreover, this cat food has chicken as its first ingredient. It’s also packed with vitamins and minerals that will help strengthen your Tonkinese’s body. Just take note that this cat food has corn and wheat, which could be an issue for Tonks with very sensitive tummies.

Nevertheless, this cat food has natural vegetable fibers that aid with digestion. It also makes your Tonkinese feel fuller without consuming extra calories.

Based on my experience, this cat food reduces my Tonk’s poop smell. It also eliminated her hairball problems and my cat hasn’t vomited for about a year now.

Lastly, this works well with an automatic pet feeder, which is a big plus.

  • Fewer calories, more fiber
  • Made of real chicken
  • Reduces stool smell
  • Contains corn and wheat

Special Kitty Outdoor Dry Cat Food

For picky Tonkinese cats, the Special Kitty Outdoor Dry Cat Food is a topnotch option. Aside from its excellent flavor, this cat food also supports eye and bone health. It ensures that your active Tonkinese is in good shape for its adventures.

This cat food contains healthy levels of phosphorus and calcium. It’s 100% complete and balanced for both kittens and adult Tonkinese cats. This is also enriched with taurine to support your Tonk’s eyesight.

Take note that if your Tonkinese has a sensitivity to grains, you should consider other options in this list because this contains soybean, corn, and gluten. Despite that, this cat food remains healthy and suitable for most Tonkinese cats.

Each serving of this cat food has 30% protein, 9% fat, 4.5% fiber, and 12% moisture. Your Tonkinese will also get a dose of phosphorus, calcium, taurine, and Omega fatty acids.

Overall, my Tonkinese loves this cat food. It helps reduce the smell of her poop and reduces the incidence of vomiting. For its price, the quality is unbeatable. It also gives my Tonk a nice kick of energy, which matches her personality.

  • 100% complete and balanced
  • Contains vitamins and minerals
  • Reduces poop smell
  • Contains grains like corn and soy

Taste of the Wild Rocky Mountain Dry Cat Food

If your picky Tonkinese doesn’t seem to like the other cat food products I recommend above, you should consider the Taste of the Wild Rocky Mountain Premium Cat Food.  This has roasted venison and smoked salmon as its ingredients to guarantee the best flavor.

Moreover, this cat food provides optimal vitamins and minerals your Tonkinese needs. Aside from the tasty venison and salmon, this cat food also contains chicken meal, chicken fat, and potato protein. This is also packed with superfoods like blueberries, raspberries, and peas for added nourishment.

With this, each serving of the Taste of the Wild High-Protein Dry Cat Food gives 42% protein, 18% fat, and 3% fiber. This is also rich in zinc, taurine, selenium, and Omega fatty acids. On top of that, your Tonkinese will get a dose of Vitamin E to boost its coat health.

I also want to highlight that this cat food is grain-free, so it’s suitable for Tonks with sensitive tummies. Just watch out because this has a higher fat content, which can be an issue for Tonkinese on a diet.

Overall, it makes my Tonkinese cats’ coat healthier and softer. They seem satisfied with this cat food, even the pickiest ones.

  • Made of roasted venison and smoked salmon
  • Packed with superfoods
  • Grain-free formula
  • High in fat and protein so it’s not the best pick for Tonkinese with kidney issues

Tiki Cat Born Carnivore Dry Cat Food

My last recommendation for this roundup is the Tiki Cat Born Carnivore Dry Cat Food. This is made of chicken, herring, and salmon meal for the most delicious meal your Tonkinese can ever have. This is the best dry cat food for picky eaters since it doesn’t have any animal by-products, wheat, soy, and corn.

Aside from that, this cat food has deboned chicken as its main ingredient followed by a chicken meal, herring, salmon, dried egg, peas, and tapioca. Your Tonkinese will also like the flaxseed, chickpeas, and tomato pomace added to the food.

Every serving of the Tiki Cat Born Carnivore Dry cat Food contains 43% protein, 19% fat, 3.5% fiber, and 10% moisture. It’s also rich in Omega-3 and 6 fatty acids.

I also like that this is minimally processed and crunchy so it remains appealing for Tonkinese cats. All the ingredients are non-GMO as well. You can also get this in the chicken and fish luau recipe version.

Overall, there’s a noticeable positive effect on my Tonkinese cats when I put them on this food. They loved it and I didn’t see any problem.

  • Made of chicken and fishes
  • Non-GMO ingredients
  • Doesn’t contain soy, wheat, and corn
  • I noticed a very strong smell, but my Tonkinese liked it just the same

How to choose dry cat food for picky Tonkinese cats

Finding the best dry cat food for picky eaters isn’t easy. You have to ensure that it will give your Tonkinese ample nutrition while remaining palatable.

To help you out, you must check the following aspects:

🐱Dry food vs. wet food

Cat food products are available in wet or dry versions. Wet food has a moist and soft consistency that can be pate, gravy, chunks, and so on. It offers added hydration and it’s perfect for Tonkinese cats with no teeth. It’s also easy to chew and swallow. However, wet food is prone to spoilage and it doesn’t help reduce plaque buildup on your Tonk’s teeth.

On the other hand, dry food is easier to store and serve to your cat. It’s not very prone to spoilage, but you should still keep it in a sealed container so it won’t go stale. Another benefit to dry cat food is that it scrapes off the tartar from your Tonkinese’s teeth.

In the end, the choice depends on what your cat prefers. But if you’re looking for the best dry food for your Tonkinese, you’ll never go wrong with the 10 products I reviewed above.

🐱Protein source

When buying dry cat food for your Tonkinese, the first thing you should check is its protein source. Cats are obligate carnivores, which means they need animal protein to survive.

If you’re looking for a dry cat food product, make sure that the first ingredient on the list is animal meat. The most common is chicken followed by salmon, venison, turkey, and so on.

Whole animal meat has a complete amino acid profile, which means it has ‘whole protein’. This is more nutritious and it will support the needs of your Tonkinese.

While meat by-products contain protein, it’s stripped of vitamins and minerals that your Tonkinese needs. Still, a small amount of meat by-product should be fine.

Moreover, the protein source is a big determinant of the cat food’s flavor. For picky eaters, you’d want one that will entice their finicky taste buds. Roasted and smoked animal meat often provides topnotch flavors that will encourage picky Tonkinese cats to eat.

🐱Other ingredients

Aside from the protein source, it’s important to check what else is on the ingredient’s list.

One of the most common concerns about pet food is the presence of grains. Take note that grains are not always evil. It’s a topnotch source of fiber, carbohydrates, minerals, and vitamins.

However, if your Tonkinese has trouble digesting grains, you may want to steer clear of corn, wheat, and soybean. The likes of brown rice are easier to digest and will help Tonkinese that is suffering from diarrhea.

Aside from that, a small amount of vegetables and fruits will also help. This will be the source of vitamins and minerals for your cat. Also, these plant ingredients will provide fiber, which is necessary for your Tonkinese’s digestion.

Lastly, you may notice that some cat food products have a long list of nutrients. This is often a nutrient mix added to the cat food product. It ensures that your Tonkinese receives ample nutrition on every bite.

🐱Flavor and smell

For picky Tonkinese cats, the flavor and smell will play a big role in attracting them to eat. The smellier the food is, the more appealing it will be. But once you’ve hooked your Tonk’s nose, it’s important that the food’s taste will keep the feline engaged.

However, you should be careful about getting smelly cat food. Some Tonkinese cats will shy away from food that smells like pharmaceuticals. This happens if you opted for cheap products that are packed with artificial flavors, color, and preservatives. Also, high levels of vitamins and minerals may give the cat food an off-putting odor for felines.

🐱Fiber content

The fiber content of the cat food is necessary to aid your Tonkinese cat’s digestion. This can be sourced from plant ingredients added to the food product. The best sources here are pumpkin leafy greens, peas, and flaxseed.

Tonkinese cats with loose stool will benefit a lot from the added fiber. It will make their stool firmer for easier litterbox maintenance.


Aside from fiber, try to look for cat food products packed with probiotics. This will help a lot if your Tonkinese cat has an extremely smelly poop. The probiotics will balance your cat’s gut flora to reduce the overproduction of bad bacteria. It will also aid with their digestion to ensure proper absorption of nutrients.


Lastly, consider how much you’re willing to spend on your Tonkinese cat’s food. While it’s easy to opt for the cheapest find, you should invest in healthy options. It will ensure that your Tonk is receiving the nutrients it needs to stay in good shape.

The additional bucks are much smaller than paying for vet bills due to substandard cat food products.

Tips in feeding a picky Tonkinese cat

Tonkinese cats are very easy to feed and maintain. Once you find the food they prefer, the kitty will love to eat it for life. However, some of them may get picky. In that case, the following tips will help a lot:

  • Keep the bowl clean. Cats are very particular about how their food is served. It’s important to wash their food bowl after every meal to keep it clean. This will also prevent odor buildup that could make the food less appealing.
  • Make the eating area appealing. Eating is a vulnerable moment for cats. You must feed your Tonkinese in a calm and quiet spot in the house. A safe corner is much better than the kitchen with never-ending foot traffic.
  • Break it into portions. Tonkinese cats can be ravenous eaters so you should divide their meals into two to three servings throughout the day. This will prevent the kibble from getting stale and becoming less appealing to eat.
  • Keep it warm. All cats, including Tonkinese, like warm food. I suggest adding a small amount of hot water to the dry food to make it appealing. Avoid heating the cat food in the microwave as it can cause a chemical change that may release toxic substances.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does dry food help clean my Tonkinese’s teeth?

A: Yes, dry food helps scrape tartar off your Tonk’s teeth. It’s one of the biggest advantages of dry food over the usual wet food for cats. Since Tonkinese is prone to periodontal disease, this benefit will come in handy. Still, proper dental hygiene is necessary to keep your Tonk’s teeth healthy and free of any infections.

Q: Is it okay to leave dry cat food out all day?

A: it’s fine to leave a small serving of dry cat food for your Tonkinese. This allows them to snack multiple times to bridge their hunger before the next meal. However, you should check if the kibble is still in good condition. If it’s crumbling, changed its smell, or if your Tonk is no longer interested to consume it, you should dispose of the stale kibble.

Q: Why does my Tonkinese doesn’t finish its food?

A: Some cats, including Tonkinese, will not finish their meal in one go. Instead, they prefer snacking on it the whole day. Unlike dogs, cats love taking breaks on full meals. This allows them to have a continuous supply of food for most of the day. However, if your Tonk doesn’t go back to eat its leftovers, you should check with the vet for possible reasons.

Q: Will my Tonkinese get tired of the same food?

A: Most Tonkinese will love to eat the same food over and over again. However, there a few that may get tired of the same food, especially if it doesn’t have a very appealing flavor. In this case, it would help to cycle two cat food products to keep your kitty engaged during mealtime. This way, you can avoid health problems.

Q: Do Tonkinese prefer warm or cold food?

A: All cats, including Tonkinese, don’t like cold food. In the wild, cats hunt for food and eat fresh meat of animals. Cold meat means that the food is no longer viable for consumption because it’s been there for quite long. The warm meat lets cats know that the food is fresh. This is the same for domesticated cats. If your cat won’t eat cold kibble, you can add a small amount of hot water to it.

Final words

The best dry cat food for picky eaters will ensure that your Tonkinese will have satisfying meals. Aside from appealing to their taste, the cat food will also provide the nourishment your Tonk needs. Just make sure that you serve it fresh and warm.