Top 5 Heating Pads for Cats with Arthritis & Joint Problems

During winter or a stormy day, your Tonkinese will appreciate having a warm pad to lie on. Unlike dogs, cats like Tonks are more sensitive to the cold weather. They can get chilly easily, so they need the added heat, aside from your warm cuddles. Like humans, being exposed to the cold temperature without protection will slow down their immune system and make them more vulnerable to illnesses. A heating pad for cats with arthritis will help a lot here.

To help you find the best heating pad for your Tonkinese, I reviewed here five of the best options:

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What is a heating pad?

A heating pad is a soft cushion where your cat can snuggle and rest when the temperature is low. However, it’s not just about heat. The heating pad must have a controlled temperature, so it doesn’t go higher than the cat’s internal body temperature.

What is the difference between a heating pad and a heated cat bed? Both have a heating element, but heating pads are thinner, and your cat can lounge on it. They can lay their entire body on the pad without any restrictions. And since pads come in different sizes, it can be shared by multiple cats and other pets in your home. Heating pads are also ideal for litters so they can nurse on their mother freely.

One of the most significant uses of heating pads is for arthritic cats. Senior cats who have arthritis will find relief on the warm surface. It will help boost the circulation in their joints, thus less pain and inflammation.

Aside from that, heating pads come handy when your Tonkinese can’t get enough sunlight from the window. During cloudy or rainy days, the heating pad will be a cozy spot for every cat.

Moreover, heating pads are easier to store. Most of it can be machine-washed upon the removal of the heating element.

Benefits of heating pads for cats

Winter last year, when I decided to get my cat Lucky a heating pad to keep him comfy. It did wonders, and he no longer wants to leave the pad. If you’re wondering why you should get your cat a heating pad, the following benefits may help you decide:

✔️It gives relief. A heating pad for cats with arthritis will prevent your Tonk’s joint from getting stiff due to the cold weather. It will also reduce the pain and discomfort of your cat.

✔️It gives the feeling of security. Cats love warmth, especially on a cold day. The heating pad will be their safe zone since it’s similar to the warmth of their mother’s body or the warmth of your lap.

✔️It keeps the sniffles away. Like humans, cats can get common colds too. This happens if they are exposed to cold temperatures. And when your Tonk gets a cold, it will open possibilities of other illnesses.

Cat heating pad buying guide

When looking for heating pad for cats with arthritis, you have to decide upon the following features:


You wouldn’t want your arthritic Tonkinese to squeeze itself on a small pad. For me, there’s nothing bad about getting a large pad that’s way bigger than your cat’s size. It ensures that your pet has enough surface to lounge on, especially if you have a multi-feline household.

🐈Heating element

The heating element of the pad can either be thermal, electrical, or microwave-heated. Thermal and microwave-heated pads don’t have any electronic parts. It has a special material that generates heat on its own. Meanwhile, microwave-heated types must be placed inside the microwave to pack the heat.

On the other hand, the most common option nowadays is an electrically-plugged pad. It gives consistent heat, and you can keep the system running for as long as you want. It’s ideal for winter, but you have to watch out for the temperature level.

🐈Cord quality

If you are going to purchase a corded heating pad, always look for a chew-safe cord. Tonks can be pretty sneaky, and a thin wire can put them at risk of electrocution if you’re not careful. Never skip this part, especially if your kitty is a known chewer.

🐈Pad material

Lastly, check the material of the pad. Always choose a soft and non-snagging fabric to prevent your cat’s claws from getting stuck.

Aside from that, I personally prefer a machine-washable material. Accidents may happen, especially for Tonks with arthritis, since they have compromised mobility. It will also be easier for you to clean the pad. If possible, look for a waterproof layer so pee and poo won’t get into the internal parts of the pad.

Top 5 Heating Pads for Cats with Arthritis


heating pad for cats with arthritis

Product Name: YOUSHUO Pet Heating Pad

Product Description: If you're looking for a heating pad for cats with arthritis, I recommend the YOUSHUO Pet Heating Pad. It has a 9-speed adjustment for your cat's optimal comfort. You can adjust the heat of this pad from 95F to 122F to suit the weather and body size of your Tonk. This also works for dogs, which makes it an all-around option for multi-pet households. Meanwhile, the padding has seven layers of protection structure, including a UL-approved wire as a heating element. This technology prevents burns on your pet's skin.

Offer price: $$$

Availability: InStock

  • Safety
  • Construction
  • Heating
  • Value for Money


Also, this pad comes with a chew-resistant cord for your Tonk’s safety. The wire is fully wrapped in a durable material that can endure up to 30 kilograms of tension. To complete the ensemble, this pad comes with a durable temperature remote control attached at the end of the cord. The package also includes an adapter so you can plug the unit straight from the package.

What I also like about this heating pad is its waterproof and easy-to-clean surface. It comes with an IP67 waterproof PVC top layer, so the inserts remain clean even if your arthritic cat got accidents.


Chew-resistant cord

Waterproof PVC layer

Adjustable heat temperature


My Tonkinese doesn’t have any complaints!


PETBROO Cat Heating Pad

heating pad for cats with arthritis

Another heating pad that I swear by is the one from PETBROO. This pad boasts a dual-mode setting as well as an automatic protection system to keep your Tonkinese safe while it lounges on the warm surface.

One of the highlights of this pad is its New Smart Test Mode. It has a non-shock and in-shock mode where it cycles in different steps to give your pet a customized comfort level. It also comes with a triggering sensor that prevents false triggers, so the mat doesn’t heat up if your cat isn’t on it.

This pad is made of an IP67 waterproof material as well as a rechargeable heating system. A three-hour charge will give your kitty up to 10 hours of warmth. And since it has a waterproof layer, it’s easier to clean, perfect for an old Tonkinese that tends to have accidents around the house.

Moreover, it comes with a durable cord and an adjustable nylon collar to match the Smart controls of the pad. Anyway, I don’t recommend using the collar to your cat, since it’s not a breakaway type. Just turn the heating element on, and your cat is all set.

  • New Smart Test Mode
  • IP67 waterproof rating
  • Rechargeable heating system
  • The temperature is lower than other pads I’ve bought before

RIOGOO Heating Pad

heating pad for cats with arthritis

Are you worried about burning your cat on the heating pad? If so, you should consider the RIOGOO Pet Heating Pad. This one comes with an automatic power off feature that shuts down automatically if you forget to unplug it. You can set the heating time and temperature using the large button console on the power cord.

Aside from that, this heating pad is made of seven layers of material together with UL-approved heating wire. This ensures accurate heating levels to prevent injuries on your cat. That’s on top of the temperature sensor inside the pad that prevents overheating.

The pad itself has a polyester cover that you can remove and machine-wash. The cord is also chew-resistant, which is a big plus if your Tonk is a notorious chewer.

Overall, you can adjust the heat level of this pad from 80F to 130F, depending on your pet’s needs. But if you’re not happy with the quality of the first mat you received, RIOGOO is willing to send a replacement so you’ll get the most out of your purchase.

  • Pros
  • UL-approved heating element
  • 7 layers of material
  • Machine-washable cover
  • The black wire at the top of the controller is a bit loose

OMORC Cat Heating Pad

If your cat is a chewer, you should consider the OMORC Cat Heating Pad. It has two covers to ensure that your kitty won’t suffer from electric shock. It also sports an auto-shutdown feature in case you forgot to turn the unit off. This pad will also turn off once it gets too hot, but it will also turn on once it reaches room temperature.

This pad has two covers: one made of micro mink and another one that’s made of an anti-slip fabric. Both are removable and machine-washable.

The highlight of this heating pad is its controller. It’s equipped with three individual buttons for power, heat, and timer. Each button has an indicator light on the side to let you know if it’s working.

I like the uniform heating of this pad, thanks to its U-shaped carbon fiber wires that deliver consistent heat all over the pad. Overall, it has a larger heating area so your cat will feel comfy even at the edge of the pad.

Lastly, it comes with a cord contained inside an anti-bite tube. This pad is safe, warm, and durable for Tonkinese cats across ages.

  • Machine-washable
  • Carbon fiber heating wires
  • Double fabric covers
  • The timer function is not optional

PETLESO Waterproof Heating Pad

Last but not the least, I recommend he PETLESO Waterproof Heating Pad. This unit can be adjusted from 77F to 131F to suit the heating needs of your cat. It’s perfect for the winter season, especially for a Tonkinese suffering from arthritis.

What I like about this pad is it has a safe, low voltage build that will automatically build up heat when your Tonk lies down on it. You will still have to set the maximum temperature, though.

Moreover, this comes with a waterproof and anti-electric shock mat. It has a removable cloth cover that you can machine-wash for easy cleaning.

As for the controls, this pad comes with an LED temp display with buttons. The cord is chew-resistant to keep your cat safe.

I use this mat inside my cat Lucky’s crate at night. He loves it, especially on winter days, when the outdoor temperature gets pretty low. It never over or under-heats, which is added peace of mind. You can also use it for your dog if you have one at home.

  • Never over or under-heats
  • Anti-electric shock design
  • Machine-washable
  • None so far

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does my kitten Tonkinese need a heating pad?

A: In general, heating pads are ideal for kittens that are at least 4 weeks old. However, you must ensure that the temperature isn’t too hot. If the room temperature is below 70F, it’s advisable to keep the little Tonk on the pad to shield it from the chilly weather.

Q: Can a heating pad burn my cat?

A: Most heating pads for cats are designed with safe temperature ranges. Still, you must set it properly, so it doesn’t feel too hot for your kitty. It’s also important to purchase a heating pad from a reputable brand to prevent any accidents.

Q: Where in the house should I put my cat’s heating pad?

A: It’s best to place the heating pad on a spot where your cat can relax. It can be beside their bed or somewhere with less foot traffic and noise. Heating pads are portable, so placement shouldn’t be an issue. You can even place it on top of the couch if your Tonk wants to join you.

Final words

During cold days, a heating pad for cats with arthritis will give comfort to your aging Tonkinese. It’s a thin pad, but it offers warmth to prevent your kitty from chilling and having colds. It’s also an excellent investment for multi-feline households.